Stay, eat and meet at

Hotel Havendijk

A new concept at Schiedam
where knowledge, work, food and comfort
all comes together.



Boutique Hotel

Hotel Havendijk offers beautiful boutique hotelrooms with smart solutions giving you full control of your room from a single app. The hotelrooms are designed to give you comfort and adapt to different occasions. The lights will brighten up and curtains will open automatically if you are working or the light are changing color and music will play when you need to relax after a hard day work. Perfect for business travelers of the maritime area who are searching for a place to stay and work during his time in The Netherlands.  




Mood by Eveline Wu is coming to Hotel Havendijk. Eveline Wu combines a modern and trendy interior with an exquisite international kitchen. Take your company for a nice dinner or hold a meeting with a delicious lunch. Staying in our hotel and in a need of a place where you can just relax and enjoy some good food? Mood is the place to be. On the menu of Mood you will find French and Japanese fusion dishes.



A Place to Meet

At Hotel Havendijk you can hold conferences in one of our many conference rooms. Hotel Havendijk is a place where you can exchange your knowledge and expertise. Besides conference rooms, we also provide a lot of spaces with outlets where you can sit and work in peace with your laptop together with a great cup of coffee!


Hotel Havendijk is an innovative hotel concept that focuses primarily on the business traveler in the region Rotterdam.

The hotel offers an inspiring environment where meeting, working, staying and relaxing merge seamlessly. The boutique hotel features rooms with their own kitchenette and facilities.

The hotel offers a co-working space with a fully equipped business center, an all-inclusive day food concept, meeting rooms and it casual dining restaurant "Mood". This proven concept from the renowned chef Eveline Wu offers classic French dishes inspired by authentic Asian cuisine.

The building of Hotel Havendijk served as a library starting from 1980. Later on the building became an office complex for various companies. As in right now the building will be renovated into a hotel and get a golden crown.

Mood eat and meet

Welcome to Restaurant Mood in Hotel Havendijk. In Restaurant Mood tables are filled with oysters, fruits de mer, bouillabaisse, sushi, sashimi and much more. Enjoy your time at Mood with a delicious Gin and Tonic and finish off with Eveline's award-winning dessert. Mood's team and ambiance will create an unforgettable experience for you and your company.

Mood combinese eat & meet by providing a nice interior with delicious food. Whether you want to have a break at work or want to enjoy a nice meal with your colleagues, Mood has it all!


We like to think with you when you need a place to work or want to hold a meeting or event. At Hotel Havendijk you can book one or more seats at our flex-workingspace. Or you can book our meetingroom. We provide fast Wifi, quiet places, excellent coffee and more to make your work environment as pleasant as possible.

Connect with other flex-workers and companies at Hotel Havendijk. Beside nice working spaces we also provide space for you to network.

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